Who are you?

I am a plant lover, and I created these cute plant pun shirts because I'm obsessed with growing things. I own more than 200 cactuses. It's probably an addiction at this point.

Where do you design your clothes?

I design the images printed on the t-shirts with my computer, and then I use a manufacturer to print the design and ship it to you. I and my computer are located in Southern California. The Land of Happy Cactuses.

Can I buy just the digital image rather than a t-shirt?

I haven't decided yet whether to sell my images. I may in the future, but right now I'm holding onto the original digital images. I don't think there's a need to mess with NFTs here, but I may sell digital copies at some point.

Where are your t-shirts made?

I try to work with U.S. manufacturers, since most of my business occurs inside the U.S.A., and using domestic manufacturers ensures my customers get affordable shipping with delivery timelines that aren't extreme.

Do you take custom orders?

Not generally, but if you have an idea for a cactus pun or plant pun t-shirt, just send me a request! I'm always adding new designs to the shop, so if you'd like to see something specific, maybe I can add it!